Are you planning on buying a new home in a New Orleans subdivision? If so, making sure that you get the most value for your investment is extremely important. Whether you plan on selling your old home to finance building a new home or you are a first time home buyer that wants to start with a new construction, there are a few things you will want to know that can help you save money. Here are 4 home construction secrets that your developer may not want you to know:

You Are Allowed To Negotiate

This is perhaps the biggest of all the home construction secrets. Many home builders, developers, and contractors enter in with a set of prices but they may be flexible. As a home buyer, you are fully allowed to negotiate prices and make deals to ensure you are getting the best price possible.

Add-ons May Be More Expensive Upfront

When looking at new constructions in a subdivision, you will most likely be shown a model property. These model homes will have many upgrades and additional options that may not come standard with construction. Instead of paying for a lot of upgrades such as a deck, carport, or premium siding and shingles you may want to save that until later. Working with an independent contractor such as Mackie One later could be a lot cheaper than purchasing an option upgrade from the developer.

You Can Learn A Lot From Your Neighbors

If you are moving into a subdivision that has a few units already finished, don’t be afraid to talk to the homeowners that are already living there. This will give you a general idea of how well the home holds up, if there were any problems during the build, and other information that will help you in negotiations with a contractor.

You Can Have A Buyer’s Agent

One of the most important home construction secrets is that there are two types of agents: seller’s and buyer’s agents. A seller’s agent represents the developer or construction company and their job is to sell you the most expensive project possible so everyone makes as much money as they can. Alternatively, you can work with a buyer’s agent who is there to represent you and your interests so you are getting the basic things you need without going overboard with your budget.

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