With the world of online shopping becoming more popular than ever, making sure that your products and store stand out against the competition is imperative. To do this, you need to have great photos for all of your items. Unfortunately, a lot of images that are on digital stores simply do not do the items justice. To make sure you are presenting your items in the best way possible, here are some of the most common photography mistakes you should avoid:

Incorrectly Handling Branding

Branding is important, but making sure you do it in the correct way is essential. Instead of simply taking an image and then throwing a huge watermark on your product, consider incorporating your branding into the images themselves. This makes sure that your products are front and center but makes sure your photos are clearly from your store.

Having your product displayed on top of your packaging paper can work for small items. If you are selling bangles or bracelets, you could have your images feature a model that is wearing your company’s logo as a shirt. Your brand should naturally incorporate with your images, not be used as a watermark that takes away from the photo.

Going Overboard With Post Processing

Another problem that many people have with their photography is going overboard with post processing and effects. This all stems from sites like Instagram that were built on using filters. While they may add charm to a social media post, they can take away from where your focus should be: on the actual product itself. Color photos can also make it hard to see how the actual product will look which can result in customers not being happy when the product in the image isn’t the same color as what they received.

Distracting From Your Items

This is very important for small items but holds true for any product as well. You want your images to be focused on the product themselves, so having a background that is too busy can pull viewers away from what you want them to see. If you are photographing small items, a neutral or white background works well.  You just want to make sure that your items are front and center and the background simply acts as a way to pull focus to your products, not the other way around.

Using Poor Lighting

Make sure that any photos you take are well lit. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of natural lighting by photographing your images outside. If you have access to photo editing software, changing levels and brightness so your images stand out is important but make sure that you do not over-use them.

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