Whether you are starting your online shop for the very first time or you want to take your shop to the next level, branded materials should be at the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. From your marketing material to the packaging of the product, mastering the ability to use your branding to your advantage is important. Here are a few tips that will help you learn how to leave your mark with branded materials and take your ILIVENOLA.com shop to new heights:

It All Starts with Online Branding

With an online shop, it is absolutely crucial that you have every digital surface branded. Not only does this apply to any of your product images themselves but it should extend to other aspects of your digital presence as well. From choosing a color scheme that fits your brand and identity to making sure your social media profiles showcase your brand, you need to incorporate your branding everywhere online.

Great Products Need Great Branded Packaging

Your storefront is just the beginning for branding. In addition to having your digital media branded to showcase your company, all of your packaging should be focused on your brand as well. This is not limited to just labels for candles, large items or clothing tags, either. Even if you sell small bracelets or necklaces, having custom stickers made that you can use to brand small products is important.

Branded Materials Go Beyond Labels

When thinking about your brand you need to have your identity displayed from the moment someone sees your shop until the moment they are opening the packaging, and beyond. When you ship out products, have your brand on any shipping material or packaging. Having custom wrapping paper that features your logo is not as expensive as you might think.

Another way to boost branding is by sending other marketing materials as well. These could be thank you notes, postcards about your company profile, or even extra business cards to help turn customers into brand evangelists.



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