If you sell small items, photography can be a challenge. Unlike large products that can stand up to backgrounds or be shown on a full model, small items can easily be lost in the background or overshadowed by other distractions. With that said, when you get your small-product photography just right it can have a huge impact on sales and buyer perception. Here are a few tips for perfecting small-product photography to make your items stand out:

Keep Backgrounds Simple

One of the most important things with small-product photography is to ensure that the background does not overpower the foreground. When choosing your background, a classic white or solid neutral color is great if you want the entire focus to be on an item such as a handmade ring. That doesn’t mean you don’t have other options, though. Experiment with subtle textures like sand or light blue and gray fabrics.

Use Macro Focus

If you have very small objects, utilizing a macro focus lens or setting on your camera is a great choice. With macro focus, you will be able to get highly detailed shots when up close. Make sure that you are close to your item when using this setting. If you are further away than 12 inches it could leave your images blurry and lose the detail that you are looking for.

Natural Lighting Is Your Friend

Getting the right lighting on small items can be tricky. On one hand, even a small shadow that gets cast on a small surface can cover up your entire product. On the other, bright flashes can leave the product looking washed out and take away from a lot of the details and textures. The solution is to use natural lighting to your advantage. Small-product photography is easy to do outside since your products can be easily transported so there’s no reason to stay indoors.

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